DAY4. 어이없다(eoieoptta) Learning Korean with Free PDF file

1. 어이없다 Meaning

“어이없다” (eoieopta) is a Korean expression that can be translated to English as “unbelievable,” “absurd,” “ridiculous,” or “incredible.” It is used to convey a sense of astonishment or disbelief in response to something unexpected, strange, or illogical. Depending on the context, it can also imply frustration or annoyance. This expression is commonly used in casual conversations when reacting to surprising or absurd situations.


2. Example sentences

①네 말이 정말 어이없다.
(Your words are truly unbelievable.)
②어이가 없다는 표정
(An expression of disbelief.) *표정: Facial expression
③영화 결말이 어이없다.
(The ending of the movie is absurd.)


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