DAY2. 머쓱하다(meosseukada) Learning Korean with Free PDF file

1. Meaning

“머쓱하다” can be translated to English as “bewildered” or “confused.” or “awkward”. It is a Korean expression used to describe a state of difficulty understanding or feeling perplexed about a situation or information. It is used to convey a sense of confusion or being unclear about something.

In some cases, “머쓱하다” is humorously combined with “머스타드” (mustard sauce) to create the playful term “머쓱타드,” which is a humorous blend of the two words.


2. Example sentences

①아는 사람이 없어서 머쓱하다.
(I feel bewildered because I don’t know anyone.)
②네가 그렇게 말하니 나는 머쓱해.
(I’m feeling confused since you’re saying that.)
③친구를 너무 오랜만에 만나서 머쓱하다.
(Meeting a friend after such a long time makes me feel perplexed.)


You can download a free PDF file.

Day2. 머쓱하다

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