DAY1. 가물가물(Gamulgamul) Learning Korean with Free PDF file

1. 가물가물 Meaning

“가물가물” (pronounced as “ga-mul-ga-mul”) is a Korean onomatopoeic expression that describes something as being vague, unclear, or hazy. It is often used to convey a sense of ambiguity or uncertainty about a situation, memory, or thought. The repetition of the syllable “가물” adds to the sense of something being indistinct or not fully formed, similar to how the English phrase “hazy memory” might be used.

In essence, “가물가물” is used to describe situations where details are not clear or are fading from memory, and it’s a colloquial way of expressing a lack of clarity or certainty.


2. Example sentences


①저 사람 얼굴이 가물가물해. (That person’s face looks hazy.)
②가물가물한 기억 (A hazy memory)
③뭐였는지 가물가물해. (It’s hazy what it was.)


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Day1. 가물가물

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